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Why Study in UK ?

Here is why you should choose UK as your study abroad destination:

  • Impressive International Reputation: UK is home to four of the world top ten universities and has the second highest number of Nobel Prize winners in the world.
  • Wide Range of Study Options: UK offers well-researched and diverse range of courses in globally ranked institutions preparing students for the corporate world.
  • Lower Cost of Education: Undergraduate degrees in UK are of three to four years and a master program is typically between one and two years, saving your education & living costs.
  • Attractive Scholarships: Institutions in UK offers variety of scholarships, financial aid, grants and bursaries to international students.
  • Numerous Work Opportunities: International students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours a week during term time and full-time during holidays.

The Cost of Studying in UK

Students from different countries around the globe choose to study in the UK due to its affordability and high standards of education. It takes less time to attain degrees in UK than in other countries. Where other countries take at least four years for an undergraduate degree and two or three years for a postgraduate degree; in the UK only takes three years for an undergraduate degree, and one year for a postgraduate which cuts down your cost on education.

Studying in the UK costs between 10,000 to 25,000 pounds per year for an under-graduation course and ranges upto 40,000 pounds per year for post-graduation. The UK is one of the countries which has an institutionalized, national health care system, which will reduce your overall health care costs.

Note: This does not include high value courses like veterinary or medical.

Application & Visa Process

  1. Register with Headway Consultant and talk with an Education Counsellor.
  2. Choose a course according to your areas of interest.
  3. Shortlist a university that suits your preferences, entry requirements and budget.
  4. Apply online for the UK university with our assistance.
  5. Get counselling on visa from our experts.
  6. Pay financial deposits.
  7. Receive CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) from the university.
  8. Apply for your Tier 4 (General) student visa with our help.
  9. Collect Passport and get ready to depart for your dream study destination.